July 17, 2007


I had noticed a moth or two in our second bedroom where I keep my roving and yarn (all of it). So I thought it good to go through my jumbo stash moth hunting and stash prtecting. Bought some plastic bins and some big ziploc bags and went to work.


I'm not quite done yet but so far 2 bundles of roving are in the garbage as well at 3 balls of cascade 220. There was some obvious breeding going on. The rest of my yarn and roving have been put into bags and bins so if any of it is infested (although I didn't see anymore evidence) it will at least be contained. What a hassle. This is going to make my yarn diet a lot easier. I want to use up what I have and not add more yarn to the stash that might possibly get infested. Sheesh what a way to spend your weekend.


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Anonymous said...

OUCH! I'm sorry to hear that you had to throw some of it out. But, like you said, at least now it'll be contained.

Bad moths!