December 06, 2005

Christmas Tree and some knitting

For the first 4 or 5 christmas' I was living with my Fiance I went all gung-ho with the decorating. We had a tree and stalkings and a few other christmas odds and ends. Then for the last 5 years I've totally ignored the holiday decorating thing. Been too busy or whatever. But this year I WANTED a tree. So Sunday evening we went out and found a tree lot and picked out a great mid sized tree (it's about 5.5 feet tall). And we also picked up a wreath for the front door (which I love seeing when I come home at night.

So here it is and I also took a couple photos of some of our great ornaments that we have each had since we were kids. I love going through the decorations and seeing all these great old ornaments.

And here is some knitting I've been working on:

My so called scarf in 100% pure wool merino (color clay). It's soooooooooooooo soft

And here is a completed bulky seed stitch scarf made from super bulky wool (rhodesian):

but this shows the texture a bit better:

And I'm working exclusively on my dad's flame sleeved sweater until it's done. Both sleeves are done up to the armpit and the body is a few inches tall (knit in the round). I really don't enjoy knitting with a deadline so much. It takes a lot of the fun out of it... but hopefully my dad will love it and that'll make it worth the hassle.

And a doggie pic to end with... the Fiance has taken to her quite well and likes to lay in her bed with her :)

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Jennifer said...

That orange scarf is incredible!! Very pretty.